I am Surprised Records

I am Surprised Records

Artists & Bands from the label, which was founded by Producer / Musician and
A & R Manager Peter Ehrenfeld (aka Peter Field), who worked with Bands like
Shock Therapy, Fliehende Stürme, Silke Bischoff and many others



Leichtmatrose "Jasmin" 3 track digital single release & video today!!!

Buy stream or listen "Jasmin" : 

Orkus Magazine Exclusisv Video Premiere:

Shock Therapy "Theatre of Shock Therapy 1985 - 2008" Ab jetzt erhältlich!!! Doppel CD ; Download & Stream ; Hier klicken und bevorzugten Laden wählen:                                        

Theatre of Shock Therapy (1985 - 2008 ) by Shock Therapy - Linkfire

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