I am Surprised Records

I am Surprised Records

Artists & Bands from the label, which was founded by Producer / Musician and
A & R Manager Peter Ehrenfeld (aka Peter Field), who worked with Bands like
Shock Therapy, Fliehende Stürme, Silke Bischoff and many others



Shock Therapy  on "Tribute to Itchy" Tour 2017  14.9. Köln, Sonic Ballroom; 15.9. Stuttgart JH Hallschlag;16.9. Ingolstadt, Evenhalle Westpark (Exklusiv Show für Bayern) 17.9. Berlin, Bi Nuu; 18.9. Hamburg, Hafenklang; 22.9. Bochum, Rockpalast - Matrix

Shock Therapy "Theatre of Shock Therapy 1985 - 2008" Ab jetzt erhältlich!!! Doppel CD ; Download & Stream ; Hier klicken und bevorzugten Laden wählen:                                        

Theatre of Shock Therapy (1985 - 2008 ) by Shock Therapy - Linkfire

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