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BLUEFIELD "Out in the Blue" Digital Release Date on Friday 13.12.2019 I am Surprised Records / Believe Digital 

Bluefield created in the beginning of the 90s on their albums "Struggling in Darkness" and "The Secret Long Kept" a very individual style of electronic pop music with psychedelic, techno and industrial elements, abyssal depth and without hold.

The sound is at the same time atmospheric and radiantly melodic, but always dark and mysterious.

Musically, this band around Peter"Field"Ehrenfeld saved the melancholic content of the teenage music of progressive rock groups of the 70s after today to create their musical diary.

"A Soul's Walk across High Percentage Oceans to a Dry Dark Island."

BLUEFIELD "Out in the Blue"

1.) Mirror                                             04:06

2.) Struggling in Darkness                06:47

3.) Dreamtro                                       02:45

4.) Out in the Blue                              06:00

5.) Madness Cave                               03:10

6.) Evolution Cut                                 03:25

7.) Der Ritt                                           03:09


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