Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake "Violent Vision Blue" I am Surprised Records/Believe Digital

Since over twenty years after the original release as a limited EP/CD finally the long-out-of-print "Violent Vision Blue" by the band CRYSTAL LAKE is now available as a digital download. It`s a project between musicians from SILKE BISCHOFF/18 SUMMERS and other members of their circle of friends.

Quiet moods prevail on this beautiful work, mostly by a skillfully used acoustic guitar by Frank Schwer, but also electronic sounds fit perfectly into the overall picture. The voices of Peter Field (BLUEFIELD/EHRENFELD) and Felix Flaucher (SILKE BISCHOFF/18 SUMMERS) still radiate the same spell as in the respective band releases. “…The band name CRYSTAL LAKE describes quite well the offered music; all instruments are as crystal-clear…here one is synonymous according to the principle 'less is sometimes more' and it has paid off as the result shows.”

CRYSTAL LAKE has presented a work with 'Violent Vision Blue', which is deeply melancholic, but never creepy gloomy.

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