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Shock Therapy "Heaven and Earth" Re-Release I am Surprised Records/Believe Digital

The exciting concept album "HEAVEN AND EARTH" was released in 1994. With this record, the listener is kidnapped into the harsh world of Detroit. The electronic components are hardly to be found, but the fantastic drummer CLIFF HILL dominates with alternative tribal arrangements. The cult guitarist WES BEECH also makes a massive impact. WES BEECH is no more unknown in rock and roll circles in the 70s with the New York punk rock band THE ACCIDENTS before he joined the legendary PLASMATICS in 1979 and toured the world with WENDY O WILLIAMS for ten years, with some important bands like KISS collaborated and produced great records. Also on "HEAVEN AND EARTH" SHOCK THERAPY disregarded the audience's expectations and created a work that ranges from ethnic sounds from Arabia, Celtic mysticism to African rhythms. SHOCK THERAPY have themselves created a niche, a creative, musical standard that other bands can only wish to achieve. They are so innovative in their composition and presentation that critics and reviewers have never been able to put them in a prefabricated drawer during the entire existence of the band. PUNK of the setting, TECHNO of the precision, TRIBAL due to the rhythm and above all the power of the ROCK - SHOCK THERAPY is all this and more!!! Loud and aggressive, depressed and melancholic, intelligent and provocative, stiff and anarchist, a band that has everything to become a legend.

Itchy - vocals, synthesizers, guitar, dohlok, dumbik; Wes Beech - 7 string guitar, avian vena cava; Eric Hoskins - bass guitar;  Cliff Hill - drums, darbuka, percussion; Onyx Lustro - E3 programming, samples, synthesizers.

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