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KIWISEX "Wildlife Accident"  I am Surprised Records / Believe Digital Single Release

The scandal force KIWISEX around the singer Johnny Morphine (Devil Is My Name; Homefucking Is Killing Prostitution) made Psychodelic Noize, was one of the loudest bands in Europe and had the residence in London.
The album "Homefucking is killing prostitution" caused a worldwide sensation and the band toured Europe and the USA.
KIWISEX became KX NOIZSYSTEM at the beginning of the 90s. Together with the Swiss Young Gods the first rock band built the samples into their music.
Johnny Sturm also known as Johnny X he was the frontman of the defunct bands Kiwisex who just turned 35 years and the resulting new project called „KX Noizsystem“.
Today he is running the well known „Club Douala in Ravensburg, Germany.

"Wildlife Accident" live recording of the KIWISEX concert at K.O.M.A. As part of the legendary "Acid Hell" Tour 1987. 

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