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Leichtmatrose feat. Joachim Witt "Hier drüben im Graben" Digital Single Release VÖ: 16.05.2016 I Am Surprised Records / Believe Digital


German music legend Joachim Witt is releasing „Hier drüben im Graben “- an anti-war-statement together with Leichtmatrose, a promising newcomer he discovered.

Joachim Witt and his protégé decided to underline this song with an uncompromising and drastic video as a comment to current worldwide politics.

This song tells the story of a traumatised soldier, his way from hero to zero and finally suicide.

The video deliberately shows disturbing pictures of war.

Open your eyes and never forget – war has never led to anything good.

click here please to watch Hier drüben im Graben Video on Youtube: