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Leichtmatrose "Remixed" EP I am Surprised Records/Believe Digital

After Monkey press claimed Leichtmatrose's album „du, ich und die andern “best German album of recent times in 2015, the corresponding remixed EP is now released in digital as an extra bonus.

„Jonny fand bei den Sternen sein Glück“ und „Atlantis“ feat. Dorian E (Rob Dust),

„Hier drüben im Graben“ feat. Joachim Witt (Per-Anders Kurenbach),

„Ich hab dich bloss geliebt“ (Thomas Berlin) and

„Opium “(Ralv Milberg, Frank Schwer) - previously unreleased –

as congenial tracks, have been reworked, remixed an partly rearranged.

„Jonny fand bei den Sternen sein Glück “and „Atlantis “have both stormed the German independent charts (DAC)

So set course for the next harbour!!

Release date is 07/08/2016

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