"du, ich und die andern" Album I am Surprised Records/ Believe Digital/Soulfood Release on Friday 07th August 2015

Being editor of a music magazine I am confronted with masses of overblown press releases for new cds, some more, some less inventive. But in this case it takes only little effort on the author's side as this musical Oeuvre is in itself so distinctive. Leichtmatrose is different! The organic texture of electro-chansons fills the room with mellifluous melodies and expressive poetry that transform from a deceivingly easy-to-digest mouthfull to razor-sharp shrapnells with ease. Leichtmatrose is provocant and inspiring in his often sarcastic lyrics. War is declared on terry-cloth pyjamas, the swan song on tramp stamps is celebrated, a crossing guard is hired as partner in crime, or forces are joined with “Herbergsvater” Joachim Witt to handle the delicate issue of CSR (combat stress reaction). Leichtmatrose takes you away from here, no matter where, be it - when things are getting tough - to the bottom of the sea. Likewise, no musical boundaries are set: Lyrical ballads stand next to meaty sound-powerhouses and this lucid young man does not shriek back from bombastic horn arrangements but, surfing on a post-modern “German” wave shows himself as opalescent as life itself. His unique timbre makes a welcome difference to nowaday's hardly distinguishable pop-voices and enables him to authentically impersonate the characters he vitalises in his stories that translate themselves naturally into music. Obviously, here's someone, who has inhaled his share of the drug called life and – working as probation assistant and in a drug advice centre – has deep insight into it's light and dark aspects. Thus, an emotional roller coaster ride and a palette of wonderful melodies create something that sets itself apart from what is found in today's pop-circus. Leichtmatrose is unique. Leichtmatrose is a challenge.

Face up to real life! Face up to Leichtmatrose!

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Leichtmatrose Live M'era Luna Festival August 12th-13th 2017 

Festival: MERA LUNA – Hildesheim, Germany