Wenn es Nacht wird in Paris

Leichtmatrose "Wenn es Nacht wird in Paris" Release date friday 12.01.2018 I am Surprised / Believe Digital Second Single release from the upcoming Leichtmatrose Album "Noch Einmal" Release date 20.04.2018 

Wenn es Nacht wird in Paris - Leichtmatrose

We are in 1922 ... "Paris", the legendary metropolis of sin, is the scene of our protagonists. And how could it be otherwise: "it is haunting and drinking a lot"! And in the middle of it our "sailor". The gambling nature. The "rampant" bon vivant of the first hour. The romantic who experiences it on his own body: the old song of the eternal suffering of love, of the false woman. (From the whore who does not want to be saved.)

Welcome to "Wenn es Nacht wird in Paris", the new single from "Leichtmatrose" that will be presented to us in an extraordinary video. The song itself is a pop hymn, a chanson, a drama ... yes, an incarnate homage to the vicious life and the wild 1920s ...

"Unrestrained, they are back with them" - "not even Jesus can save them" - in fact they are all there. On the drums, for example, sits no one less than the drummer legend Mel Gaynor of the Simple Minds. And the video also boasts prominent support, such as Charlie Steinberg, who revolutionized music production with "Cubase" and was nominated for a "Grammy", playing an important guest role. Rick J. Jordan (formerly Scooter) is also responsible for the video editing.

So, you too are all with us and "let's sing with the whores!"

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