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SHOCK THERAPY "Can I Do What I Want” (V.2021) I am Surprised Records / Believe Digital Single Release on Friday the 06.08.2021

The follow-up single to "Let Me Go" as a harbinger of the album "Tribute to Itchy", which will be released in 2022. Presented live for the first time on the tour of the same name by the reactivated legendary electropunk band Shock Therapy in honor of singer and mastermind Gregory "Itchy" McCormick, who passed away in 2008.

Unforgettable classics like "Hate is a 4-Letter Word" were presented here for the first time live in a slightly different guise to bring them closer to the audience again.

The video contains images of live recordings of these moods and moments and presents the original line-up under "Itchy" -Gregory John McCormick & Keith E. Jackson.

The story of Shock Therapy is not over yet ...

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