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Shock Therapy "God" Album Re-release on I am Surprised Records / Believe Digital 

"GOD" was recorded and produced by the then Front242 drummer John Dubs in his New York based recording studio and is a bit heavier than its predecessor albums and is certainly responsible for Wes Beech's (Plasmatics / Wendy O. Williams) guitars Influence here stronger than on the previous albums, for example, on "Heaven and Earth" comes into its own. The sound of Shock Therapy is always completely self-contained and certainly not immediately accessible to everybody or thing, some call it depri sound or synth punk. Gregory "Itchy" John McCormick never thought in categories and is usually classified under electro / post-punk /industrial and with his anthem "Hate is a 4-Letter Word" under Gothic-Darkwave. You should hear SHOCK THERAPY and especially this album aloud. At any rate, the good thing about is that the albums or even the music, the sound never sound old, but always timeless, which some fans appreciate.

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