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Shock Therapy "The Beginning and the End"  I am Surprised Records / Believe Digital Single Release on Friday 11.10.2019 

"The Beginning and The End" is now the third single release from the Requiem "BACK FROM HELL" The Album will be released on the 17.04.2020. Itchy died a few days after completion of the composition, he played all instruments himself and sang with his unique voice. It is not necessary to discuss the history and quality of the work for long. The unusual circumstances of the imprisonment and the temporal connection with Itchy's early death have triggered a luscious myth formation. It will be one of his most popular and highly rated works.

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Not just the music and the instruments, but also the camera and direction of the official music video from the hands of the multi talent himself! In the video, Itchy plays the central role, as they are the last images of him being alive. You won`t get any more SHOCK THERAPY . 

The Beginning and the End:

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