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Shock Therapy "You Were the Moon I Was the Sun" I am Surprised / Believe Digital Single Releasedate: Friday, 17.04.2020 

Shock Therapy - You Were the Moon, I Was the Sun

"...I am going away From your unclean spirit I am divorcing you from my soul (myself) Abandoning every position I never had Chorus: If it is evil If it is good It doesn’t really matter I’m doing what I should  Because I damn that soul to hell I damn you for what you’ve done You were the moon and I was the sun Now I’m alone I will never forget It will not go away I will never feel again But I give you the world (to)..."

Itchy is back ... back from hell!!!

BACK FROM HELL ... Undisputedly the last and greatest work of the mastermind. 

Itchy - Gregory John McCormick's Requiem, last work and legacy.

The need for not many words, content and music, the whole package is just ITCHY PURE, words that are almost coming out of the masters’ mouth itself.

Not forgotten !!

But risen from the dead as a manifesto of the great Artist that he was.

A unique Masterpiece like Itchy himself

Resurrected with delusion and fury.

It does not require an explanation of the genesis or the unusual circumstances of the imprisonment and the temporal connection with Itchy's early death have also stimulated a lush myth formation.

Must Have for anyone who loves SHOCK THERAPY, lives and experiences

Ready for the SHOCK!!!

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