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Crystal Lake "Violent Vision Blue" I am Surprised Records/Believe Digital

Since over twenty years after the original release as a limited EP/CD finally the long-out-of-print "Violent Vision Blue" by the band CRYSTAL LAKE is now available as a digital download. It`s a project between musicians from SILKE BISCHOFF/18 SUMMERS and other members of their circle of friends.

Quiet moods prevail on this beautiful work, mostly by a skillfully used acoustic guitar by Frank Schwer, but also electronic sounds fit perfectly into the overall picture. The voices of Peter Field (BLUEFIELD/EHRENFELD) and Felix Flaucher (SILKE BISCHOFF/18 SUMMERS) still radiate the same spell as in the respective band releases. “…The band name CRYSTAL LAKE describes quite well the offered music; all instruments are as crystal-clear…here one is synonymous according to the principle 'less is sometimes more' and it has paid off as the result shows.”

CRYSTAL LAKE has presented work with 'Violent Vision Blue', which is deeply melancholic, but never creepy gloomy.

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