Ehrenfeld "Who`s That Boy" I am Surprised/Believe Digital

negative form of The fire still burns.... easy going said. Everything as supplied before, by Peter Field. Needless to say, that he wasn’t alone in the studio. Anton”Toni”Fischer clearly set a course above at Ehrenfeld. Still style – ascetics will be deranged with a juicy changes of dissonance and harmony on an album. Repeated overhead with a joke, guest musicians and friend together with repertoire from combined musician background. You can’t talk about stagnancy or copy by himself seriously at this release. Rather from the awesome work from a man, whose live activity as musicians it’s manifield on his degree of popularity in relevant media.

Destructive sounds from bust dark punk and electric flirtatiousness from the first solo album, far six years ago, give away a solid character for disuse any confident genre pigeonhole. It was a balanced mixture, singular in this form – sometime fragile, sometime brute. But all songs on this album concerned, is an atmospheric content on neofolkig arrangements on Anglo-Saxon imprint, alongside jolly beaucy rift-rock. Already on the title track and the opener of the album: Arenas and resting place of the trickle off lifetime, to come pass moments of exhilarating and disillusioning. Adolescent nihilism versus subjectivism, oecumenic spirituality and pathos are further aspects, to give topical asert. Melancholy packaged into crafity songstructures, but here without offen resonant melancholy, rather with a pinch of disipation)

Oh yes, the blessdly early days. Anybody who lives through, wants to dispose of it- who already has had this days, will yearn about it... Who wants to know something about himself, compares by hook or by crook. Juniour with themself, himself with the youngs and by the end to deal with yourself. There from narrated the psychedelic appeared “millionaire upon time” after a winking dreamed intro. Competly different following by “gliitering star”, picked by an accoustic guitar with obscure basline interweaved to suspence curvey that burst treated by insertion of Field´s distinctive sonorous Sprechgesang. This voice developed nicely, more warm and prusing as yet heard, he cry to the rescue liberasor. Breath soundscape and Felix Flaucher, the second voice backup the seriousness of appetite. It needs only one hearing alley to transmit, The attempt is compeltely succesful to convey something wherefor the most songwriter not been able for: Passion.

The concillation follows with “I´m okay” on the penalty. Pounding rockriffs like Tony Iommy, underlay with a subsonic bassequence, put over to us. Nevermind what is different to each other, only important to be here in the right point of time. Easy to accept closeness, to hold each other hand... a liberated feeling, which don´t want know nothing from limiting of being. Sinking temporarily into state of distress appears against the background of spending time just natuural. There is only the one cigarette after it, there after is  just the simply smoker. “The Half of the Moon” is anyhow only the simple part, the other appears with weird sewuence of melody and once again refined by Felix Flaucher in the chorus.

None day like the prior day and more than ever rearranged song like his original. “Small & Tired” is growing to a puristic neofolk song. Earthy guitar, wardrums and strings create a charming collage of the nonrevercible world serpand sound, without socialdarwinsitic prolamations, therefor with a lot of endlessly fragile nativeness. Silke Bischoff inveighed once again in this new garment and is placed in the middle of the album, perfectly. IF indians known any pain, can´t be calculated in the next song. However “The Great Mountain” Field & Fischer get over into incanatory shaman, who salute the grat ghost with an entire relax, dance of the pipe of peace and wise piano samples. His protection is deemed to be the final cause of human pursuit, not only on the other side of the ocean.

Rooted in the indian belief there is “Sacred Tree”, too, but on the other hand in oldgermanic ostara and finally in the Buddhism. “No one can see what you see in dreams”, could stand here in place of Siddharta, who woke up in the middle of his life under a cottonwood and all the self-destructive hate, esurience as well as ignorance are drop away from him. The “Kingdom of Love” can now come to him, with fat bass and delicatte pluck violine to let the reason passed. .. To let loose, ability of judge and spontaneity already exhibit at the beginning of a new relationship. With demonstration of sympathy beginsn mostly with “ “Come And Dance With Me”. When the concincing comes to the dancefloor, as well as merciless rock´n roll better known as the black butterfly from Manhattan, may nothing get in the way of the new happiness.                                                                                  

Author: Ivo


01. Millionär An Zeit
02. Funkelnder Stern
03. I'M Okay
04. The Half Of The Moon
05. Small & Tired
06. The Great Manitou
07. Sacred Tree
08. Kingdom Of Love
09. Come And Dance With Me
10. Stay With Me
11. Shiva Moon

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