I am Surprised Records

I am Surprised Records

Artists & Bands from the label, which was founded by Producer / Musician and
A & R Manager Peter Ehrenfeld (aka Peter Field), who worked with Bands like
Shock Therapy, Fliehende Stürme, Chrome, Silke Bischoff and many others



Leichtmatrose "Jasmin" place 10 Native single charts https://www.mix1.de/charts/native25-singles.htm and "Heile Welt" album place 8 in the  Native Album Charts 

New Leichtmatrose "Chill Indianer" Video click here: "Heile Welt" Album OUT NOW!!! https://lnk.to/Leichtmatrose_HeileWelt

Leichtmatrose are pleased to be a special guest from Peter Heppner at the upcoming "Confessions & Doubts" Tour:  11.04.2019 Potsdam -Waschhaus 12.04.2019 Görlitz - Landskron Kulturbrauerei 13.04.2019 Jena - F-Haus 25.04.2019 München - Backstage 26.04.2019 Mannheim - MS Connexion 27.04.2019 Braunschweig - Lokpark 28.04.2019 Krefeld - Kulturfabrik





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