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I am Surprised

Independent Record Label

I am Surprised Records

Artists & Bands from the label, which was founded by Producer / Musician and
A & R Manager Peter Ehrenfeld (aka Peter Field), who worked with Bands like
Shock Therapy, Fliehende Stürme, Chrome, Silke Bischoff and many others.


FIRST CLASS & COACH - "2014" now available !!  Third single release from the upcoming "The Truth about Honey" album, which will be released on Friday the 13.03.2020. To see the "2014" Video on YouTube click here:        To listen, order the "The Truth About Honey Album" please click here:

Ehrenfeld "Religion" Second single from the soon to be released "Finsterwalde" album. 

Good things come to those who wait and what takes a long time will finally be good, because here is now the brand new TrinityFM EP "Elephants & Astronauts" from the long awaited "Antz" album, which will be released in spring 2020 TrinityFM "Elephants & Astronauts" please click here: 

SHOCK THERAPY "The Beginning and the End" Brand New Single and Video Out Now !!! To watch the video on YouTube please click here: To listen, buy, download or stream the single, or order the BACK FROM HELL  Album please click here: