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Ehrenfeld „Freelove" I am Surprised Rec​ords / Believe Digital Single Release on July 21th - 2023

Freelove the new song from Ehrenfeld is a Depeche Mode cover version and embodies the true meaning of freedom and love. With a pulsating beat and a touching vocal. An encouragement that nothing can stop us when we are searching for freedom and love. A song that reminds us to open our hearts and to give ourselves permission to let love into our lives. The song lyrics evoke the feeling of a deep longing and the sense of a pure, unconditional love. The chorus "Free, love/ No hidden catch/ No strings attached/ Just free love" is a call for the listener to have confidence and freedom in their relationships. What sets Ehrenfeld apart from other artists is his passion and dedication to music. However, it is not only his musical qualities that set Ehrenfeld apart, but also his talent as a performer. His performances are profound and touching, often giving his listeners and viewers a sense of identification and connection. He manages to find a perfect balance between catchy melodies and the performance of haunting lyrics.

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