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IAS 006 Leichtmatrose Heile Welt Album I am Surprised Records / Believe Digital /Soulfood available on Vinyl; CD & Digital VÖ: 26.10.2018 

Bittersweet pop hymns to celebrate

What was once a solo project of the charismatic singer and frontman Andreas Stitz began, completed in early 2018 with the entry of the "scooter" founder and mastermind Rick J. Jordan as new producer and live bassist. Thomas Fest, since 2011 as keyboarder and co-composer on board, completes the 3 Series Symbiosis of modern indie-pop production, lyrics with enormous depth and one impressive live performance. 

Heile Welt? Completely new tones from the house of the notorious black humor king of LEICHTMATROSE? Of course not, even if the catchy opening song Jerusalem with the wonderful line "I will always love you, my enemy, this is my greatest victory" can certainly bring something positive to the one or other problem. Musically one already shows oneself catchy and rousing and packs the bitterly angry lyrics just here with one or the other shot of Indie Pop. So schmeckt es frei zu sein and reminds you of the intros of some horror series a la American Horror Story before a bass beat bites into your body. With dynamic changes, the song burns deeper into the ear canal with each listening passage, before it ends, true to the sailor theme, with the singing of the sirens. A pinch of looseness is good, and that's what you get served with the title song Heile Welt, which starts off softly, but in the chorus it comes further out of itself and even reminds you a bit of Wir Sind Heldens Denkmal. Monuments are torn down after the hypnotic, dancing, but at the same time thoughtful Lake Constance, but only in the case of Chill Indianer, a reckoning with the commercialization and/or "Schlagerisierung" of music, in which the one or other scene act might feel addressed, who has possibly adapted his art a little strongly to the expectations placed on him. The formulation "all the Schlageromis were suddenly your homies" stands out particularly and brings many a career path probably fully to the point. A visit to France is of course long overdue for the founder of the electro chanson, and so this gap is closed with the slippery sway number, Wenn es Nacht wird in Paris. Afterwards it is time to come down a bit with the ballad Für immer stumm before the tempo is turned up again with Jasmin. Live already for some time a real power, the track knows to convince naturally also on the album and pulls the listener along, until "the speed gives it the rest"... First minimalistic ally reduced appears afterwards fate can be a lousy asshole, before strings begin and the intensity further increases toward pathos and underlines the dramatic text with lines like "hard was the blow, the car nearly a coffin". Beat-heavy, however, is the danceable Borderline including shuffle beat and the usual pun, before the Heile Welt album ends with melancholic piano sounds and the wonderful Raumpatrouille. With studio album number 3, the Münster probation officer has once again achieved a great success. Reinforced by Thomas Fest and the former Scooter co-founder Rick J. Jordan, the production is even more sophisticated and varied this time around, and so the work once again bristles with catchy tunes that are firmly rooted in the ear. Lyrically, Andreas Stitz remains as biting as hardly any other, but since the beginning he has packed it so cleverly that the bitterly angry puns only reveal themselves to the listener little by little. Michael Gamon Monkeypress

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