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IAS 006 Leichtmatrose Heile Welt Album VÖ: 26.10.2018 I am Surprised Records / Believe Digital /Soulfood

Bittersweet pop hymns to celebrate

What was once a solo project of the charismatic singer and frontman Andreas Stitz began, completed in early 2018 with the entry of the "scooter" founder and mastermind Rick J. Jordan as new producer and live bassist. Thomas Fest, since 2011 as keyboarder and co-composer on board, completes the 3 Series Symbiosis of modern indie-pop production, lyrics with enormous depth and one impressive live performance. The two albums "Gestranded" (2009) and "du, ich und die andern" (2015) were already appreciated with many outstanding reviews, so that you can with excitement expect the longplayer "Heile Welt", which will be released at the 26th October 2018  After several successful own live performances, several times at the "Mera Luna "," WGT ", support from DAF and Clan of Xymox, accompanied Leichtmatrose his discoverer and mentor Joachim Witt on his "Neu Mond Tour ", which was continued in 2015 and 2016 due to its success. Leichtmatrose are pleased to be a special guest from Peter Heppner at the upcoming "Confessions & DoubthsTour 2018 "In the midst of turbulent, fast-paced times, Jerusalem - The Movie presents a manifesto of humanity with a clear message: Together, not against each other! The video finished in Croatia on its own initiative and deals only in a transitory sense with the Middle East conflict, this is here only a symbol of the often present, inner turmoil. All too often, you are the strongest opponent yourself and stand in your way. Musically, Leichtmatrose are doing something rockier without fans of the guys having to do without the usual earwig character of their songs. Anyway, you can already look forward to the album!


02.08.2019 Arche Neuenhagen (Joachim Witt) 03.08.2019 Schwedt Open Air (Peter Heppner) 23.08.2019 Rare Guitar - Münster 30.08.2019 Bahnhof St. Pauli - Hamburg 14 - 15.09.2019 rock4peace Open Air - Flensburg

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