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Ehrenfeld "Flowers - Burn All Evil” I am Surprised Records / Believe Digital Single/EP Release on Friday the 19.07.2019

After his debut album "Who`s that Boy in 2012", Ehrenfeld's new single Flowers "Burn All Evil" and the upcoming "Finsterwalde" album release has been heavenly enriched with the unmistakable voice of the late Felix Flaucher (singer-songwriter of Silke Bischoff /18Summers).

Felix Flaucher did not only sing the title song of the album before his death, his typical melodic voice permeates the entire album, and is unmistakably present supporting the Bowie-Tempre of Ehrenfeld, Ehrenfeld's voice takes on both vocal facets, like a kind of chant that convinces the listener's ears and depicts the symbiosis of their special friendship.

Flowers - "Burn All Evil" is a piece that is not only danceable, but catchy as well - a catchy tune to dream and sing along with. 

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