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Ehrenfeld „They Never Come Back" I am Surprised Rec​ords / Believe Digital Single Release on November 11th - 2022

By the time Peter Ehrenfeld aka Peter Field (Ehrenfeld) released his single “We Eat Each Other Up” and “Flowers – Burn All Evil”, it was clear the Stuttgarter artist had more to his arsenal than shock tactics or impassioned exhibits of persuasive and passionate intentions determined to destroy the beauty of his work.

And to appear more palatable to the audiences, Ehrenfeld embodied the facets of dada in his new single “They Never Come Back” who has an enduring imprint on the early 20th century mixed with the eighties. It has an existential wit that is pleasantly Bowie-esque, bolstered by a rock steady, covenant-like beat, and a doey eyed charm that warms it with ugliness. However, for whatever reason, Ehrenfeld never seems to care for the beauty of his work, but hey They Never Come Back ...anyway.

Determined to embrace the decade, Ehrenfeld threw himself into the realm of the music video with perilous abandon, curating a series of drawings that have been altered in their realization.

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