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Ehrenfeld „We Eat Each Other Up" I am Surprised Rec​ords / Believe Digital Single Release on August 26th - 2022

With the announcement of his third studio album 'CURIOUSNESS', EHRENFELD now releases the first single titled 'WE EAT EACH OTHER UP'.

The pile-driving rhythm of 'WE EAT EACH OTHER UP' is the opening track of 'CURIOUSNESS' and sets the tone for the mostly up-tempo feel of the album. Ehrenfeld himself said that it was mainly conceived to be 'played live'.

As with all things of Ehrenfeld, the „Post-Wave “formatting of 'WE EAT EACH OTHER UP' is obviously, despite the norm deviating text and sound, an accessible track that also invites you to sing along loudly.

Ralv Milberg, foster father and ambassador of the popular “Stuttgarter Schule” produced, recorded, and mastered ‘WE EAT EACH OTHER UP', at Milberg studios.

The highly individual video also features a one-minute short film. 'WE EAT EACH OTHER UP' is a twist on the conventional wisdom of what a music video is. Ehrenfeld plays both main characters, the contradictions between both personalities symbolize the inner conflict, which is very recognizable for many of us.

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