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IAS 066 FIRST CLASS & COACH "The Truth about Honey" Album I am Surprised / Believe / Soulfood / Release date Friday: 13.03.2020 available on Vinyl; CD & Digital 

First Class and Coach don't reinvent the wheel with their debut album, but start where successful world-famous bands come to after two longplaying albums and years of industrious collaboration.

The album doesn't seem to be at all stressful or top-heavy, some arrangements come straight out of the belly and have small sympathetic weaknesses here and there.

Sonic Youth fans will probably find the lost top album from the early 2000s here. And yet nothing is copied here. And when the singer allows herself to sing two songs in German, then you feel very comfortably reminded of the Nico era, when the German language was accepted abroad as a genuine timbre and as a very independent means of expression without the Teutonic cliché.

For me, "The Truth about Honey" is a very positive exception in the flood of current releases. The production is raw, but fully pointed and finally gets along without audible Pro Tools automations again. And still sounds up to date and could even please the cool ones.

The record has skate, has filth, has dope, has sex. Ralv Milberg (Die Nerven, Milberg Studios)                                

FIRST CLASS & COACH is a four piece band based in Ballydehob, West Cork, Ireland. Members: Reuben Maher, guitar, keys, vox; Geraldine Thomas, vox; Jonathan Parson, bass; Andrew McNeilage, drums. NYC meets Berlin meets West Cork. 

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