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Shock Therapy "Santa`s Little Helper" Re-Release I am Surprised Records/Believe Digital

SHOCK THERAPY presents an album that is a retrospective of a very special manner. 


It`s a Christmas-gift to their long-standing fans. Unreleased songs from 1987 to 1994 were compiled and surely you can say, it is the strangest collection of Shock Therapy-material, that was ever revealed. Once again Itchy spreads his darkest inner life, so bright, that Charles Manson would get blind from it. Its adorned by twisted, psychotic lyrics and mad stories. And once again there are all those pioneers of SHOCK THERAPY together: drummer Ted Meek who died some years ago and Keith Jackson. But be careful: you could lose your brains as well as Itchy and his happy comrades did. 

Sensationally also the VIDEO for the single "I CAN`T LET GO", shot by the Berlin cult director Jorg Buttgereit (NEKROMANTIK 1 + II, DER TODES-KING, SCHRAMM). Criticism is the video as the Buttgereits mature work, which is less oriented to splatter effect than to a psychological depth.

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