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Shock Therapy "Rock Music" I am Surprised / Believe Digital Single Releasedate: Friday Jan. 27, 2023

After the sad news that reached us at Christmas 2022 with the death of longtime Shock Therapy drummer, resident and friend Cliff Hill, we are now releasing "New Hope for the Retarted" (The Past Life), an album that was released in the late 90s in a small limited CD edition, digitally for the first time. Soundwise completely reworked, remastered and lovingly prepared, it will let us see the Shock Therapy cosmos in a whole new light, In doing so, it will highlight the magnitude of the loss of these great musical legends like Itchy and now Cliff Hill. Cliff was a unique exceptional drummer, who is present in every song on the entire album and presents all his qualities to us here.

The first single release "Rock Music" seems in a way like an oracle board that predicts the development and future of the rock'n'roll circus.

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