Shock Therapy

Shock Therapy "Cancer" Re-release I am Surprised Records/Believe Digital 24.03.2017

The band from Detroit, the home of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, originated from the distorted life of the singer and head of Shock Therapy Gregory J. McCormick. McCormick named himself on the stage "Itchy" (free after Iggy) began in 1985 with his synth trash hardcore the Detroit underworld to conquer. Even before a first record was available, Shock Therapy were the secret tip of the city, and during this time they played live as a support act from famous rock sizes that honored Detroit with their concerts.

With its own pieces, e.g. Hate is a 4-letter-word enthusiastically inspired her fans as well as classics like I wanna be your dog of the highly revered model Iggy Pop found themselves in their repertoire again. Already with the debut LP "Shock Therapy" have established themself almost on all Playlists of the College Radio Stations. With this LP the breakthrough to Europe was made. There were then two other records "My unshakeable belief" and "Touch me and die". In August 1990 the new Lp appeared on the European market and the well-danceable synth trash sound from Shock Therapy continued.

Behind Schock Therapy was a completely new line-up. After quarrels on and after the last tour McCormick considered an optical upgrade of the band essential.

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Theatre of Shock Therapy (1985 - 2008 ) [Deluxe Version] by Shock Therapy

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